Model No.  EC1000

ezClear Ultra-Fiber Cloth
The scratches that caused by improper cleaning is not only harmful to your eyes but also reduce the lifetime of the LCD display. Hence, proper cleaning is the most important step in maintaining LCD monitors.
ezClear EC1000 is a dedicated wiping cloth designed for cleaning the surface of LCD monitors. The double-sided Ultra-Fiber cloth, manufactured by special treatment, can be used to clean the dust, furs, fingerprints and oil stains. With strong water-adsorbing and quick-drying features, no streak is left and the static is prevented after wiping, thus the display surface will be repellent to dust. This product is applicable to a wide range of products, such as computer, digital device, camera and various precision electronic product. It can completely satisfy your requirements for cleaning and maintaining LCD display.
● The front side vertical Ultra-Fiber is designed to completely clean small dust.
● The back side Ultra-Fiber is designed to easily remove stains such as fingerprints, oil spots, etc.
● Due to its strong water absorption and quick-drying capability, it leaves no streaks after wiping.
● It can effectively prevent the static and keep the display surface repellent to dust.
● It can be used repeatedly after washing.
  • Dimensions160 x 195 mm
  • MaterialDouble-sided Ultra-Fiber Cloth
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